Photos by Megan Peterson  

Photos by Megan Peterson  

I discovered Magnolia Bakery in 2008 while in NYC for the Rockette Summer Intensive.  After falling in love with the vanilla buttercream frosting atop their Red Velvet cupcake.  Magnolia Bakery became a frequent place I went to post dance class.  Some of my favorite memories include going inside to look at what they had that day, going to work out, and then go back after I cooled down.  On my 20th birthday, I was alone in NYC with no shame sitting at Magnolia Bakery on the Upper West Side with four cupcakes. Then when they reintroduced their banana pudding, the visits doubled.  I have a girlfriend, Erin who doesn't even eat bananas, but LOVES Magnolia's banana pudding.  I have another girlfriend, who is a banana pudding fanatic, when Rachael is in town it is safe to assume Magnolia is the place we're meeting, double fisting with pudding and cupcake.  

Magnolia Bakery first opened serving classic American desserts in the West Village in 1996.  To my surprise, their number one seller was a vanilla cupcake topped with buttercream frosting.  It was an episode of the hit show Sex and the City that featured Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda sitting on a bench at Magnolia Bakery, eating cupcakes that got the lines forming at the small store.  Now there are multiple locations in NYC and worldwide! 



Depending the day of the week, is what special cupcake you will see at Magnolia.  Dependng what show is playing at Radio City Music Hall is what kind of cupcakes you will see at the Magnolia Bakery on Avenue of the Americas near Rockerfellar Center.  While the Rockettes are kicking throughout the holiday season, you will see the Rockette Red Velvet cupcake.  No matter where, Monday's mean pistachio cupcakes, and Hump Day means their banana pudding in Cupcake form.  


The cupcake calendar changes as the seasons do.  Keep your eyes open for their crunchy Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcake back on the calendar.  That's another favorite of mine! 



Oatmeal Raisin Cookies               Hot Chocolate                        Apple Crumb Bar

Famous Banana Pudding            Apple Cranberry Muffin          Cheesecakes 




I find myself craving chocolate cake on the daily.  Doesn't everyone? Valentine's Day caused me to try their chocolate truffle cupcake.  I was gifted the ultimate chocolate fix.  It has to be the Devils food cake versus the classic chocolate cake.  Twice as indulgent, this Devils food chocolate cupcake is dipped in chocolate ganache. This is a tough competitor against my favorite red velvet cupcake in New York City.  For February I will say the Truffle cupcake has Red Velvet beat.  I say February because that is the month you will find this divine chocolate cupcake every day!




Learn the secret to icing cupcakes with that signature swirl that Magnolia has atop their cupcakes.  Magnolia Bakery has icing classes throughout the month at some of their locations.  Sometimes you bring the wine, and they will bring the cupcakes, that you get to take home after.  Magnolia has a classic icing class on March 8th for St. Patrick's Day! 



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Article by Megan Peterson

Megan Peterson -- Founder of FOODIE OUT LOUD  

Megan Peterson -- Founder of FOODIE OUT LOUD  












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