They traveled to Little Egg Harbor...they freshly prepped...the served it up with love...and it was all tasty! People patiently waited in lines of New Jersey's best, and well known food trucks, knowing they were in for some award winning, gourmet, real deal eats.  "I don't think I quite knew what I was in for."  Megan expected gourmet grilled cheese, and homemade Italian specialties, though she never thought she would be doing the iconic guy Fieri hunch to eat a Rib Eye sandwich nor that a spring roll could taste THAT GOOD! 

Megan got to witness the gourmet mastery first hand inside some of New Jersey's food trucks.  Inside the Five Sisters food truck owner George Miller had his wife, and their daughters hard at work serving up their famous sliders, burgers, fat sandwiches, and pig fries!  Megan really enjoyed their Brie Burger, and the Whiskey Tango!

Brie Burger From Five Sisters Food Co

Brie Burger From Five Sisters Food Co

"From now on, if I'm eating Brie, it better be on that burger! Its just a genius pairing!"

Nearby, Megan made a pit stop for a grilled cheese.  Cheezen specializes in grilled cheese.  Not your every day grilled cheese, but Mac & Cheese grilled Cheese (light fare...have you noticed?) We haven’t found many places that could stack two cheesy favorites this way with your choice of bacon, buffalo Mac or BBQ Mac. Another cheesey pick was The Trio made with Gruyere, Fontina, & sharp cheddar, roasted tomato garlic aioli, and bacon. “I hate to admit it but, everything tastes better with bacon.”

Pompier Pierogi Flats had a variety of pierogis.  One that Foodie out Loud found very unique was their Pork Roll Pierogi.  "What a twist!"

Voted as the Best Food Truck in Philly, Foodie Out Loud had to see what was going on at Dump 'n Roll for some dumplings and spring rolls.  "Whoa."  "If I ever get married I'll make sure Dump N' Roll delivers these for the cocktail hour!"  

"Pampered Pig in an EggRoll" Dump N' Roll

"Pampered Pig in an EggRoll" Dump N' Roll

That was a tough act to follow, however Pompier Pierogi Flats didn’t disappoint with their Pulled Pork Pierogi and wide variety of pierogis, proziaka, and barumba bowls. “I always get excited when I find great polish cuisine!”







 Zinna's Bistro of Cranbury, New Jersey serves their Italian Specialties out of their truck.  One thing looked better than the next.  People were ordering EVERYTHING.  Lots of love goes into making their food, and all of their cheesesteaks served three ways.  Sliders, with provolone, and the rib eye! The Rib Eye made Megan do the Guy Fieri stance to take the first bite!

"I was impressed after the Cheesesteak Sliders but that Rib Eye knocked me over the edge!"

Rib Eye was a hit! From Zinna's Bistro

Rib Eye was a hit! From Zinna's Bistro

The sweet endings were the cheesecake cone (Zinna's Bistro) and cupcakes from House of Cupcakes, better known as the winners of Food Network's Cupcake Wars!

The Menu



Dump N' Roll 

Five Sisters Food Co  

House of Cupcakes 

Pompier Pierogi Flats  

Zinna's Bistro  

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