Starting with Breakfast all the way to Dessert... Here are 15 of the best eats we had in New York City and New Jersey!  As 2016 rapidly approaches, make it your New Year's Resolution to have...


1.  Blueberry Pancakes 

Known for being the #1 breakfast spot on the map in New York City, we were so curious about Clinton Street Baking Company.  Offering many options from bakery sweets, and savory egg dishes, we took our waitress' suggestion and got the Blueberry Pancakes to Split as "dessert". We agreed, BEST PANCAKES ever, paired with their house maple butter, the ultimate pancake topper.  


2. Ricotta stuffed Beet Doughnut

Ricotta Stuffed Beet on the Left

Ricotta Stuffed Beet on the Left

Just opening in the West Village in 2015, The Doughnut Project serves up some unique flavors for their doughnuts one being the team favorite of 2015, their Ricotta stuffed Beet Doughnut.  WOW!  

10 Morton Street |  West Village |  New York, NY


 3.  Grilled Mexican Corn

This corn on the cob has got a KICK!  A must have appetizer at Mad Dog & Beans, their Mexican Grilled Corn is one tasty starter.  Mad Dog & Beans does some incredible combination of flavors to give this Corn a kick before and after it hits the grill! YUM! (Side note KILLER MARGARITAS)

Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina |  50 Stone Street | New York, NY 

4.  Lobster Roll

Luke's Lobster was checked off the bucket lists while we toured CITY KITCHEN. Sweet, Meaty lobster tucked in a buttery, toasted roll! Delicious! Tasted like summer.

Luke's Lobster  |  City Kitchen, Stone Street, UWS |  New York, NY

 5.  PIZZA

As pizzaholics with our favorite pizza places already lined up, Patsy's Pizzeria is on board our tops! A long time favorite of Donna's and a new find for Megan, Patsy's makes a tasty plain pie, and making their brick oven pizza since 1933!  We give them an A+ for all pizza criteria, crust, sauce, and cheese.  
Sausage rocked on half the pie!  "I ate way too much of it, but it was well worth every bite!" says Megan!   

Patsy's Pizzeria |  UWS Columbus Avenue |  New York, NY

6.  Chicken Mole Burrito

What's in a Mole? You don't need to be a mole expert.  Just know that it's awesome! This burrito has what we consider poco de calor and melts in your mouth.  It's HUGE, and makes one great left over.  You can't go wrong getting it smothered! 
Check Out their new location at 26 W Front Street in Red Bank, NJ!

10th Ave Burrito Company  | 801 Belmar Plaza |  Belmar, NJ

7.  Sweet Potato Casserole

Mighty Quinn's Barbecue does some mean Barbecue, but often times the sides make the meal!  The side that really took the cake was this Thanksgiving classic!  Thank goodness they make it ALL YEAR!  Better than pie!

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque |  103 2nd Ave East Village |  New York, NY |  850 Rt 3 W Montclair, NJ

8.  Brisket

While we're on the subject... Mighty Quinns has some killer Brisket.  Melts in your mouth Like butter!  They also have a locations in West Village, Brookfield Place, and Montclair, NJ!  

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque |  75 Greenwich Ave West Village |  New York, NY, Montclair NJ

9.  Mojito

We had to sneak in a cocktail!  We are so thankful we discovered this place, having incredible food, drinks, and HAPPY HOUR!  Best Mojito of 2015 goes to GYU-KAKU Japanese BBQ!  Great Birthday spot!  

Gyu-Kaku Japaneese BBQ |  10 Cooper Square, 44th Btw 8th & 9th | New York, NY

10.  Esquina Latina

This Cuban Restaurant debuted in the Theatre District of New Brunswick in the Fall of 2015.  Serving up some incredible appetizers, an entree to remember was the steak!  YUM. No disappointment here, tender, flavorful, served on a skillet with potatoes and vegetables!

Esquina Latina Restaurant & Lounge | 25 Liberty Street |  New Brunswick, NJ

11.  Sword Fish

LouCas having a huge menu and often changing selection of specials, does one killer sword fish!  You close your eyes and you feel like you are eating a steak, thats how meaty this fish is!  Served atop of a bed of broccoli rabe, this is my go-to dish at LouCas!

LouCas |  9 Lincoln Highway |  Edison, NJ

12.  BBQ Meatloaf Sandwich

This is one of the greatest sandwiches Megan has ever had.  Who knew meatloaf could taste that good?!  It has a nice tang, with slaw, between buttery toast.   From the Fed By Ed food truck often seen at New Jersey events! 
Follow Fed By Ed on Twitter to see where they are!

Follow Fed By Ed on Twitter to see where they are!

Fed By Ed | @GetFedByEd

13.  Glazed Doughnuts

DOUGH makes the best Glazed Doughnut.  Light, fluffy, airy, you'll have no problem eating the entire thing.  It's hard to share, being that it's a classic, done so perfectly.  Mmmmm just thinking about it we are craving them!

DOUGH | 448 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn, 14 W 19th Street, 700 8th Ave|  New York, NY

14.  Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

How could those words work in between buns?  We promise. They do! Whitmans serves up some creative burgers.  When you're craving a burger all of their burgers get the job done!  Peanut Butter and Bacon lovers GO FOR IT!

Whitmans |  406 East 9th Street |  New York, NY


15.  Chocolate Chocolate Ice Cream

Davey's Ice Cream was one one among of the amazing gems we found in the East Village.  Of all of their uniquely delicious flavors, the chocolate chocolate broke the ice as our favorite.  This rich chocolate icecream is to die for! What makes Davey's chocolate better than the rest is it is EXTRA chocolatey, and smooth as velvet! 
Speculous Chip atop Chocolate Chocolate

Speculous Chip atop Chocolate Chocolate

Davey's Ice Cream |  137 1st Avenue |  201 Bedford Ave |  New York, NY


It was a great year of eating!  Can't wait to find more!